Plating and Finishes

FinishColorAnti-Corrosion PropertiesUsed WithCharacteristics And Uses
Black OxideBlackGood-Interior OnlyMost metalsDecorative finish.  Used on interior applications.
Black ZincBlackExcellentAll metalsRich and lustrous.  With or without lacquering.
CadmiumBright Silver-gray Dull or burnishedVery GoodMost metalsNon-porous metallic plating.  Rich appearance, good rust resistance, low cost, good electrical conductivity.  Bright silver-gray dull gray or black electroplated finish.
Chromium (Chrome)Bright Blue-whiteExcellentAll metalsUsed wherever a beautiful finish is desired.  Bright blue-white lustrous appearance.  Electroplated.
Dichromate DipRainbowExcellentAll metalsA yellow, brown, green or iridescent colored catalog.  This dipping process gently increases rust resistance.  Add to Zinc or Cadmium plating.
E-CoatBlackExcellent-168 Hour Salt SprayAll metalsAdded protection containing corrosion inhibitors.  Excellent for exterior applications.
IriditeGreen, Blue, Olive Drab, Red, Bronze, BlackExcellentAll metalsA coloring dip which also adds rust resistance.  Usually applied on Zinc or Cadmium.
JS-500Chrome-like lusterExcellent-500 Hour Salt SprayAll metalsOutstanding corrosion resistant finish that provides economical corrosion protection without adversely affecting dimensions.
NickelSilverVery goodAll metalsA hard stable, dull white or bright burnished finish.  Used for appliances and hardware.
ParkerizedBlackExcellentFerrous metalsAdded protection when oiled with a non-drying petroleum oil containing corrosion inhibitors. Good lubricity.
PhosphatingDull, gray, black, or blueExcellentFerrous metalsA chemical process of rust-proofing steel.
Passivating-ExcellentStainless steelsFor stainless steels.  A nitric acid dip to remove foreign material and brighten finish.
Zinc ElectrogalvanizedGrayVery goodAll metalsA commonly used finish with good rust resistance, appearance and low cost.

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