DRI (Deep Recycling Industries) is an ISO 9001 established company name in the manufacture and export of all types of Brass products. The company has four distinct divisions
  • BRASS SMELTING DIVISION manufacturing raw materials like billets and ingots
  • EXTRUSION DIVISION manufacturing Extruded brass sections – any solid or hollow sections
  • PRECISION MACHININING DIVISION manufacturing Precision brass components used in Electrical industry, fittings for plumbing, gas and oil industry.
  • POINTMANUAL METAL ARC(MMA) DIVISION manufacturing arc welding accessories for international major OEMs in Europe, American and Asian continents
DRI was established in 2002 with a modest beginning in the manufacture of basic brass raw materials in the form of billets and ingots. The sincere efforts soon expanded into forward vertical integration into manufacture and export of Brass Extruded Sections. It was the inception of BRASS EXTRUDED SECTION Division. Our precision attitude soon helped us to set up a new “PRECISION MACHINING DIVISION” serving the industry with precision brass components for electrical industry, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, plumbing, gas and oil industry. This was all achieved in DRI became a premium name in BRASS INDUSTRY. Our supplies included direct export to multinational companies in Europe, Middle East and export through SEZ export zone companies.
In 2010, DRI launched – MANUAL METAL ARC WELDING ACCESSORIES DIVISION (MMA Division) principally to supply Electrode Holders, Ground Clamps and Coupling Devices for welding cables to international standards for OEM companies engaged in the welding industry. DRI caters to a wide range conforming to European and American designs.